Vertical Edge Garlic | VARIETIES
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At Vertical Edge Garlic, we produce several varieties of garlic that we feel are of the highest quality for our location and growing conditions. We take careful consideration during planting and harvest to bring you the best.
Spanish Roja Garlic


Spanish Roja is an heirloom variety of hardneck garlic in the Rocambole family. Spanish Roja garlic is considered to be one of the most relevant and revered of all hardneck garlics. It is sought after for its superior flavor, strong, hot and robust. When roasted, it will develop a deep, rich and complex flavor. It has been described as one of the most preferred garlics flavor-wise in the world. Stores 4-6 months.

Purple Glazer Garlic


Purple Glazer is a hardneck garlic in the Purple stripe family. A strong garlic flavor that is mild with no after taste. Purple Glazer is a top choice for baking, and is easy to peel. This variety originated in South Russia and has become popular in the U.S.

Bavarian Purple


Bavarian Purple is a hardneck garlic in the Rocambole family. Bavarian is a strong garlic with a hot bite when raw, that produces large, dark purple skinned cloves. We really love the flavor of this one; the heat mellows a bit with cooking but still provides a great garlic presence and a little zing. It is a winter hardy variety suited well for cold climates. Stores up to 6 months.

Chesnok Red Garlic


Chesnok Red is a classic hardneck garlic in the Purple Stripe family. Chesnok Red regularly wins acclaim and awards as one of the best tasting baking garlics. Chesnok Red adds a sweet garlic flavor without heat to dishes. It has a distinct smell, more like roasting a sweet onion than garlic. Chesnok Red is a good storing garlic approx 6-9 months.